Rickie Bishop MCSP SRP
Rickie qualified in 1970 from Bath School of Physiotherapy. After hospital work, she moved to work in a special school in Bexhill-on-Sea where her interest in breathing exercises and rehabilitation for asthma started in 1979 with children. [more]

Fit to Breathe: Welcome

A practical session
A practical session

The Fit to Breathe site aims to help people who are breathless when active due to lung disease.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) has been used for many years to help people with breathing problems arising from asthma, emphysema and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). It is also helpful for people with other types of lung disease that cause breathlessness. The classes provide a combination of advice, breathing exercises and general exercises in a safe, monitored setting. People can gain confidence and improve their activity levels, often enabling a return to former hobbies and interests.

Assessing your requirements
Initial assessment is necessary to ensure you will benefit from Pulmonary Rehabilitation classes. An assessment includes a general history of your breathing problems and some base line tests of lung function. Exercise testing is done at the start of the first class and at the final class. Classes will include advice on how the lungs work, correct use of inhaled drugs, how to relax, how to conserve your energy, tips on dealing with chest infections, nutrition and other issues as requested. A full course usually consists of 1 initial assessment and 6 - 8 weeks of once or twice-weekly sessions including supervised exercises. 


Finding help in your area
For more information about Pulmonary Rehabilitation classes and other help in your area, talk to your GP, Respiratory Consultant or health centre.

Some Leisure Centres offer follow-up fitness classes after PR, with a qualified gym instructor with specialist knowledge of people with lung problems.

 The British Lung Foundation website is an excellent source of helpful leaflets and publications.  It also supports a network of Breathe Easy groups across the UK, where you can meet to share information and social activities with like-minded people.